Past Meetings

May 12th, 2011

Topics: Open discussion: System log collection, NAS devices, Virtualisation, and ZFS on FreeBSD.

Luis asked the group about system log collection and management.  Dave suggested he look into syslog-ng.

Gene asked the group for advice on NAS products.  He is looking into either buying or building one.  He also asked if a hypervisor will ever be released for FreeBSD.

April 14th, 2011

Topics: Open discussion: Site to site VPN, simultaneous scp transfers, alternative YUM repositories, cloud computing services, Linux server monitoring, and working with vendors.

Paul asked the group for cloud computing solutions they could recommend.  Vendors such as Linode and Amazon EC2 were discussed.  The benefits of cloud computing was covered shortly, as well as the negatives of it.  Paul also asked for the group's input on site to site VPN solutions.  m0n0wall was discussed as well as using reverse ssh tunnels.

Ivan asked about running multiple scp transfers simultaneously via perl scripting.  He also asked about using alternative yum repositories under RHEL Server 5.

Ken asked for Linux monitoring solutions.  So far he has been using Monitorix.  Nagios and OpenNMS were recommended.

Chris spoke about working with a vendor who is being slow to respond to support issues.  Some suggestions were offered on how he could expedite the process.

March 10th, 2011

Topics: Open discussion: Network file sharing, VM migration, network based OS provisioning, unprivileged user access, LDAP user authentication

Ivan asked the group if mounting samba shares on under would work.  We discussed the pros and cons of mounting samba shares on Solaris and Linux operating systems.  NFS was discussed as well.

Luis probed the group for methods to migrate ESXi guests between hosts.  Three methods were covered: using VMotion, VMware Converter, and doing it manually via vmkfstools.

Gene asked about methods for doing automated OS provisioning via the network.  He's looking to create a solution for automating installs of various BSD and Linux distributions using a single server on the network.

Ivan asked the group how they grant special privileges to users.  The benefits of sudo were discussed as well as ACLs.

Luis asked the group if anyone had successfully set up a LDAP solution for user authentication on FreeBSD systems.The consensus was no one has done it.

February 10th, 2011

Topics: RHN, RHN satellite server, and open discussion.

Discussion about using RHN and RHN satellite server for system maintenance and provisioning.

January 13th, 2011

Topics: Disaster recovery, RHN satellite server, and open discussion.

Dave talked about the disaster recovery that he had to perform in regards to a netapp failure.  Ken provided a demonstration of the RHN Satellite Server and its benefits.

November 11th, 2010

Topics: Disaster recovery, personal skills and experience, package management (Squid-deb-proxy, yum, up2date, RHN Satellite, etc), SAN technologies, and open discussion.

Due to it being a holiday attendance was lower than expected. A general discussion on disaster recovery was planned, however the individual who requested it was not there.  It was skipped for this meeting.

Personal experiences working in the I.T. industry were shared.  This prompted other discussions: various package management methods, SAN technologies, database software, and more.

October 14th, 2010

Topics: Ksplice presentation and discussion, NetGA presentation, discussions about virtualisation, and open discussion.

Dave gave the group an overview of Ksplice, a service that provides live security updates for the Linux kernel without requiring a reboot.  A live demonstration could not be performed at the time due to technical issues, but the process was described and the group was able to see it on a system that it's already in use on.

Brian presented NetGA to the group, a software project he is working on. "NetGA is a Genetic Algorithm for generating Network Intrusion detection rules based upon training data."  This prompted discussion over the project and the software tools that it is based on.

During open discussion server virtualisation and desktop virtualisation via thin clients was discussed.

September 9th, 2010

Topics: Personal file servers, streaming media, monitoring, and open discussion.

Robert shared with the group his plans for building a FreeBSD server to perform file sharing and streaming services.  This lead to a discussion about software for streaming media on a LAN and over the WAN.  There was also a short discussion on the merits of using hardware RAID over software RAID.

Dave shared recent experiences with setting up monitoring for network activity and disk space utilization.  He presented the script that was written to collect the necessary data and the script used to generate the graphs used to analyze the data.  This spurred a discussion on the affordability of commercial products that would perform the same task and whether it's better to purchase said products or rely on quickly written scripts.

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